South Tyrol

A modern place of power for families, surrounded by majestic mountains. On daily schedule:plenty of fun, games and free development!

South Tyrol

A small and very fine world of flavours at the Feuerstein Nature Family Resort where you can truly experience the love of cooking and creating.


Dolce Vita in the Alps: The LaMonte Bistro in Kitzbühel delights with culinary compositions combined with an Alpine-Mediterranean lifestyle.


Aesthetics and fine living right next to the Hahnenkamm cable car: enjoy a luxurious holiday in our tasteful and sophisticated apartments.

South Tyrol

High-quality holiday apartments with wellness area, pool and breakfast service directly at the ski and hiking area Ladurns – perfect for nature lovers.

Enter the

Tina’s secret laboratory

This is Tina's second favourite place. Hidden behind an inconspicuous door lies a true wonderland of delicacies. Small and large jars filled with colourful substances, bottles in various shapes and all sorts of other things are carefully aligned on shelves as high as the ceiling. Almost like you've stepped into a museum. Yet this is the place where we enjoy experimenting and exploring our latest ideas. And always with an eye on the Artifex’s philosophy: being as sustainable and resource-friendly as possible.

As regional and micro-seasonal as possible

Tina Marcelli and her team work with great patience, at times even for months or years, adopting traditional preservation and fermentation techniques. This results not only in new flavours and consistencies, it also opens up new ways of working with seasonal and micro-seasonal produce. By preserving excess fruit and vegetables, which are often available in abundance at certain times of the year and thus all too often thrown away, they can be stored and given a second life by means of fermentation processes.

Sustainable and

traditional methods

Located right in the heart of nature, it is impossible not to sense the power that emanates from it at the Artifex. Utilising regional ingredients is therefore a must for Tina Marcelli and it is with utmost appreciation and respect that she works with the produce of local agriculture. By implementing preservation methods, she emphasises her love for local produce even more. We aim at keeping the ecological footprint as low as possible, preserving nutrients and diversity whilst increasing flavour and well-being.

A long-standing companionship

Tina has always had a bond with people and nature. A connection that she continues to foster with us at the Artifex. Together with carefully selected local partners, who all place the utmost importance on sustainability, we only process high-quality ingredients in order to treat our customers to exceptional experiences of taste.